Auctio Group

Big in Auctions. With more then 10.000 annual auctions we have lots to offer for your company.

Members of the Auctio Group

Current members of the Auctio Group.

BVA Auctions 

Market leader in online auctions in the Benelux. Every year they sell more than half a million lots at an innovative online auction platform.

Dechow Auktionen

For decades a very trusted and a modern, self-explanatory auctioning platform with a great reach for the industrial goods.

Karner & Dechow Auktionen

Offering long-term tradition in the area of international utilization at onsite auctions.

BOG Auctions

BOG Auctions is an independent platform for organizing online auctions of commercial real estate.

BVA Nautic

BVA Nautic is an initiative of BVA Auctions to offer an independent online platform for the (foreclosure) auctions of boats and vessels

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