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About the Auctio Group

Auction houses Dechow in Germany and Karner & Dechow in Austria are going to work together with BVA Auctions and I-deal Overstock under the wings of the Auctio Group. 

Mid 2014 (press release 22 September 2014) BVA Auctions, market leader in online auctions and , I-deal Overstock, niche player in closed auctions for overstocks of A-brands, went together under the flag of the Auctio Group (Auctio B.V.).

The Auctio Group and majority shareholder Bencis, want to invest in innovations and growth of a pan-European group focused on online auctions. With this focus they searched for interesting partners who could strengthen the group. In the last few months they reached an agreement with the German auction House Dechow and the Austrian auction house Karner & Dechow to join the Auctio Group. The Auctio Group welcomes the addition of these most established players, who have a long history in their own region. For the database of the Auctio Group this cooperation means an enormous enrichment with potential industrial buyers throughout the Central European sales market.

The Auctio Group is active in the area of industrial and consumer auctions of movable and immovable goods in almost every sector of trade. They do this through mainstream auctions via BVA Auctions, as well as through so called “verticals”, like for example:

  • BOG Auctions                        Commercial real estate
  • Daily Specials                        Daily consumer auctions starting from € 1.-
  • BVA Automotive                    Cars
  • BVA Nautic                            Registered ships
  • I-deal Overstock                    Overstocks of A-brands


BVA also provides customized services in the area of management of buildings and ships for their suppliers, via BVA Services. By combining the strengths of the individual companies, the Auctio Group can now facilitate both her suppliers as well as their clients even better. They do this by increasing the sales markets, broadening the range of goods for the clients and providing endless services.

This will make the Auctio Group, the European market leader in the area of (all round) online auctions:

  • Total auction volume of € 200 million per year
  • 160.000 lots per month
  • An average of 5,5 million visitors per month on the websites
  • 80 million pageviews per month
  • Active in: The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Kroatia, Hungary, Belgium and Spain

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